KYLESA (US) + LAZER/WULF (US) + support: Barricade
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KYLESA (US) + LAZER/WULF (US) + support: Barricade

TIRSDAG 10. JUNI KL. 20:00




Kylesa Retro tour_Summer

Forsalg: 120 kr ( inkl gebyr)

Døren: 120 kr.

Dørene åbner kl. 20

KYLESA return as challenging and daring as ever on their sixth full length, “Ultraviolet”! Moving well beyond their trademark riffs, “Ultraviolet” has core members Laura Pleasants and Phillip Cope expanding and evolving. The dualism of Pleasants’ versatile singing and Cope’s shouted vocals melds perfectly with the constant change in sound. Shifting effortlessly from heavy hard rock riffs to punk-infused beats to even barren cold wave concoctions, “Ultraviolet” sees KYLESA progressing in fascinating ways. Yet the band from Savannah, Georgia stays true to their roots. These were planted by guitarist and singer Phillip Cope, who founded KYLESA with two members of his former band Damad during the year 2001. Deriving their name from the Buddhist concept of “kilesa mara” meaning delusionary states of the mind, the band cited NEUROSIS, KYUSS, early PINK FLOYD and BLACK SABBATH as influences, while critics named BARONESS and MASTODON as reference points. The addition of guitarist and vocalist Laura Pleasants contributed to the development of KYLESA’s unique style in a major way. This was enhanced by the use of two drummers since third album “Time Will Fuse Its Worth” (2006), while “To Walk a Middle Course” (2005) was still recorded in the usual way. “Static Tensions” (2009) witnessed KYLESA fine tuning their formula, which gained them high acclaim from critics and fans alike. The hypnotic visions evoked by “Spiral Shadow” (2010) catapulted KYLESA into the next exciting phase of their continuous evolution. This album saw the band constantly on the road for the most parts of the following years. Yet KYLESA still found time for “a labor of love”, as Phil Cope called their collection of rare tracks “From the Vaults Vol. I” (2012). Now it’s high time to celebrate their latest masterpiece “Ultraviolet” and get lost in its sonic wonders!