BORNHOLM (hun) + support: Satanic Assault Division
Koncerten er afholdt

BORNHOLM (hun) + support: Satanic Assault Division


– Forsalget starter fredag 12.10 kl.10.00

Pris i forsalg: 80,-
Pris i døren: 80,-

Dørene åbner kl. 20.00
Koncertstart kl. 21.00




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Bornholm plays a great brand of pummelling melodic black metal,which utilizes all the hallmarks of the style ands also adds some unique touches to the genre. In 2001 the first demo was released called ‘Awakening Of the Ancient Ones’ and an exciting journey has begun through the dark aeons. Their first full-length album called ‘…On The Way Of The Hunting Moon’ came out in 2005 by the French Melancholia Recods, which made their name known all over Europe.They opened up in the past years for Arcturus, Mayhem, Enslaved, Green Carnation in Hungary and played at the biggest festivals of the country. Their video for the song ‘Acheron’ was made in 2004 and it is one of the most unique videos in that genre. The second opus was released in 2009 with the title ‘March For Glory and Revenge’ by the legendary VIC Records from the Netherlands. An atmospheric and beautiful video was made for the song ‘Dreams Of Ages’ from the album in 2010. Their track ‘Where The Light Was Born’ was released at MTV RockBand Network. In 2011 the band started to work on the 3rd full-length album called’Inexorable Defiance’ which has been released in 25th of January 2013 by Noiseart Records.