ELDER (US) + support: Hull (US)
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ONSDAG 16. APRIL KL. 20:00




Forsalg: 80 kr. (Inkl. gebyr)

Dørsalg: 80 kr.

Elder is the definition of a work in progress, as the group continues to meld the familiar sounds of Sleep‘s colossal riffage with their ever-evolving vision of soaring melodies and sonic soundscapes. Listeners will find themselves locked into the trio’s lengthy epics, which toe the line between the chasms of classic stoner metal and mindblowing psychedelia.

Since the release of 2010′s Dead Roots Stirring, their second full-length record for MeteorCity Records, Elder has continued to push their sound in more dynamic and inspiring directions, while still holding true to their original methodology: all heavy, no filler.
“Then up in Massachusetts you have these dudes that get stoned and actually play heavy music–and I’m fucking impressed. Sounds like Ufomammut fucking Black Sabbath sideways. I mean, this shit is psyched out to the max…”
-Thrasher Magazine, April 2009

“i expected some 5-piece band out of old-ass bearded fatasses and got skinny jesus and his followers. great band anyway!”
-PetrifiedSpirit, YouTube user

Known to behold vast sound expanses, HULL maximizes harmony and tone within one monstrous palate. Upon your brow, focus, as a furious whip of intermingling guitars propel you through the atmosphere as a low pulse resonates through your entire being while the pounding drums blanket all chasms of reality. Find yourself immersed in a musical tide as it is played out before your ears beyond the lightless sky.

HULL materializes as a massive entity storming stages and immersing their audiences in a blanket of grandiose down-tuned compositions. A shifting fault line of decibel heavy harmony, this collective force converges in a collision of thrash, doom, classic rock, and formal orchestral works. HULL commands their listeners through each riff with incredible precision, as a seafarer guides vessels through ominous waters. Submerged in cosmic soundscapes, HULL challenges the mind with flowing, off-time fugues and powerful, dynamic movements. Brace yourself for an onslaught of eruptive force as a new world of music is formed in the deafening clap of thunder that is HULL.