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TAKO LAKO + support


Pris i forsalg: 120,- / Pris i døren: 120,-

Dørene åbner kl. 20.00 / Koncertstart kl. 21.00



Tako Lako - Press Photo 2014 - By Alvaro Tapia Hidalgo
Tako Lako’s mix of explosive, percussion-driven beats and trashy gypsy tunes has an acid-induced vibe that’s more reminiscent of a psychedelic rave fest rather than a road-trip to the Balkans. ‘Gypsy rave’ is Gogol Bordello meets Depeche Mode; and although that might sound like a tough pill to swallow, one thing’s certain – it’s fiery, loud and endlessly catchy.

Tako Lako’s visionary sound has swept away European audiences – and with an impressive rother of shows that include critically acclaimed performances at Glastonbury, SXSW, Sziget and Roskilde Festival, as well as countless other festivals and sold-out club gigs, they’ve proved that they can wow critics and fans with their massive beats and trance-inducing live performances. ‘… Effortlessly cast a spell over their audience with their unique sound – a rising star on the European scene’ (6/6 stars) writes Copenhagen Post’s Emily Mclean. ‘One of the most well-executed live shows I’ve ever seen’ (6/6 stars) writes GAFFA, Denmark’s largest music magazine, on their recent SPOT Festival performance. Likewise, The Telegraph’s Neil Mccormick called the performance ‘unforgettable’.

They’ve recently won two Danish Music Awards for Live Act of the Year and World Track of the Year – awarded for the title track of their criticall acclaimed debut album ‘Through the Mud’ (Sony Music, 2012). Showcasing unseen experimental sides of the band, and exploring a more subtle, organic sound compared to the rave-like bombast of their latest works, critics called the album ‘magical (…) a dark and trashy gypsy-beat experience with an endlessly unique feel’ (Mads Petersen, Overspring) and ‘a brave and truly captivating debut, which must carry them straight to international status’ (Torben Holleufer, GAFFA).


Having gone through something of a musical overhaul in late 2013, with band-members being replaced and their sound re-worked to fit an entirely fresh setup, Tako Lako’s upcoming second album promises to take their signature psychedelic gypsy beats to new heights. ‘Pulse Riddle’ will feature an even greater emphasis on global, pulse-pounding rhythms, explosive experiments and rave-like atmospheres for a truly unique new sound. One track will also feature American independent rapper SwizZz of Funk Volume fame, who’s garnered massive hype over the last few years with his partner-in-crime Hopsin. A track from the new album ‘Thunder in the Dead Zone’ was just released, and an infectously delirious music video for their upcoming single ‘Fearless’ is in the works.