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Vanir_2015_Logo2 - Kopi

Vanir spiller en blanding af folke,black og dødsmetal. Bandet har siden 2009 udgiver 3 plader og er efter et større lineup skift i gang med at smede et til en kommende dobbelt EP. Musikkens fokus er melodiske elementer og historiske fortællinger om barbari, krig, magt og tyraner.
Vanir har med deres seneste plade ”The Glorious Dead” taget hul på en mørkere del af deres tekst og lydunivers. Men der er altid lagt i pejsen til et metalbal der er Valhalla værdigt!

Heidra was founded in Copenhagen, Denmark a dark winter in 2006 by a group of musicians inspired by the more melodic genres of metal. They sought to create music you do not see much in the Danish metal scene that incorporated the harshness of black metal, as well as the symphonic and melodic aspects of, for example, power metal and folk music.

Sylvatica started as a folkish black metal projekt in the year 2009 by friends Pelle Buch and Rasmus Kaibe, who, while listening to Svartsot, in a drunken haze decided that they wanted to start a folk metal band. Realizing that none of them could play flute, and they needed a guitarist, they called Jardén Schlesinger the same night and he was added to the “line-up” after that, and the flute was scrapped.

The first Sylvatica release was the song Mjölner og Mjöd, which quickly became a local hit in their hometown Nyborg, even though it was very poorly recorded and mixed, by Kaibes bigger brother, they started getting a name for themselves, and after a couple of line-up changes, Sylvatica recorded their first EP / demo Sagn og Sagaer in late 2010 with the new line-up, consisting of Jardén Schlesinger and Jannik Ravn on guitars, Thomas Haxen, replacing Kaibe, on bas and Pelle Buch on drums. This release earned the band livejobs with Vanir and Svartsot.

Nine Treasures are a folk metal band from Inner Mongolia, China. Four of all five members are ethnic Mongolian. All the lyrics are in Mongolian. The five musicians started playing together in Beijing in the end of 2010. What sets them apart is the spirit in their music. The songs are joyful and enthusiastic, at the same time rich in emotions. After two albums, one EP and numerous concerts in China, the boys are ready to take on Europe with a 12-date tour, including showcase festival WOMEX in Budapest.